ISBN: 9781906388744

Publication date: 07 Apr 2011

Author: Jenny Wheatley

·Exciting, colourful and vibrant watercolours from well- known artist Jenny Wheatley ·Step-by-step demonstrations encourage creativity and experimentation with your watercolours ·Jenny Wheatley shares her unique studio secrets and working methodsJenny Wheatley is renowned for her exciting, colourful and highly original paintings. In Adventurous Watercolours, her first book, Jenny discusses in detail the various aspects that contribute to her distinctive style of painting in watercolour.Jenny talks about how she gets her initial inspiration, the impact and importance of colour in her work, the different working processes she uses on location in her studio, right through to her design considerations.The stunning illustrations feature paintings in watercolour and mixed media, covering a wide range of subjects, including buildings, still life and landscapes. In addition, there are several step-by-step demonstrations explaining the key stages of Jenny's working process.Adventurous Watercolours will encourage readers to use their watercolours more creatively and to experiment with different techniques to achieve exciting and dramatic effects.