ISBN: 9781849948470

Publication date: 20 Jul 2023

Author: Dale, Hannah

An adorable collection of the sweetest baby animals you’ve ever seen, brought to exquisitely detailed life by well-loved animal artist Hannah Dale, creator of Wrendale Designs.

This beautiful gift book, first published in 2015 but now reissued in a larger size to give even more prominence to the gorgeous illustrations, features over 50 British baby animals that are just starting out in life, painted in the author’s quirky, inimitable style. From the playful fox cub to the tiny fluffy duckling, from the prettiest baby seal to a wobbly thoroughbred foal, everyone’s favourite mini creatures are charmingly brought to life by this award-winning artist - you'll squeal with delight at their cuteness!

Each animal portrait is accompanied by informative and entertaining text that will teach you more about how these little creatures will make their way in the world. This truly lovely book is the perfect gift package for nature lovers of any age.