ISBN: 9781849946421

Publication date: 17 Sep 2020

Author: Millie Marotta

The new book from the author of the Sunday Times bestseller, Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom.Lose yourself in the calming world of woodland wildlife. Whether it’s statuesque pines or a steamy tropical forest, you will discover a wealth of beautiful and intriguing creatures that dwell in the world’s forests – from foxes, fireflies and fallow deer to lemurs, leaf frogs and lady bugs.Millie’s much-loved intricate drawing style will be irresistible for those who love to colour. Meander through a world of towering trees, leafy canopies, exquisite blossoms and underground burrows to meet a huge array of animals that make the woods their home.Featuring species from across the globe, this is a celebration of the world’s forests – vibrant and teeming with life – guaranteeing hours of relaxation and colouring fun.