ISBN: 9781841659404

Publication date: 05 May 2022

Author: Mick Twister

There is a young fellow named MickWho's adapted the old limerickTo cover, with mirthThe whole history of EarthAnd what made its characters tick.These 100 lively and humorous limericks take us back to before beginning of time itself and the Big Bang to present day. Covering everyone’s favourite history lessons (and a few surprising ones too!), Mick Twister has cleverly raided the tomes of the past, picked at the bones of the world’s greatest figures, moments and events and condensed the most complex of human activities into short and hilarious poems to make you chuckle.From a geezer called Caesar to What a Load of Bankers (about the financial crisis), this is the funniest way to learn about the past. Henry VIII, Mary Wollstonecraft, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Alan Turing all get the limerick treatment along with important events such as the Boston Tea Party, the Abolition of Slavery, the Berlin Wall’s Rise and Fall and the Arab Spring.Accompanied by amazing illustrations and witty remarks, you’ll discover the history of the world… and laugh out loud as you do so. Who ever said that history was boring had clearly never read this book!