ISBN: 9781841652832

Publication date: 24 Apr 2010

Author: Alan Brooke

Crypts, catacombs, tunnels, tombs, cellars, bunkers, vaults and underground chambers...Buried roads and buildings hidden beneath the city conjure up a mixture of fascination, eeriness and foreboding for many people. What dark mysteries lurk beneath the busy roads, pavements and shops of the city? London has an underground network of tunnels that stretch for hundreds of miles, but what is this other London?This guide provides a grisly and gripping history of the other side of London, packed with accessible but informative stories and with colour photographs of the city's mysterious underground landmarks. Eerie tales of the London's Norman crypts piled full of bodies, through to the history of the capital's extensive railway systems make for a comprehensive look at the subterranean life and history of the city.This guide lists the many intriguing sites that can be visited and includes three guided walks for bold explorers of the city.