ISBN: 9781797229454

Publication date: 23 May 2024

Author: Chronicle Books
Gifting gold! These shiny tickets are an unforgettable gift for grandparents that will make them feel like they hit the jackpot.

Inside this booklet are 12 shimmering, foil-stamped tickets that grant Grandma or Grandpa surprises they'll love, like a favorite treat on demand or a day spent enjoying nature with the family. Each ticket is decorated with the magic of gold foil, and there's even a blank ticket that grandkids can customize with their own unique gift ideas. These gilded tickets are a perfect present for celebrating birthdays, holidays, family reunions, or any special occasion!

JUST THE TICKET: Looking for cool gift ideas for grandma or grandpa? Treat them to a family fun day or special bonding with the grandkids with these IOU coupons. Fun surprises that grandparents will love, presented as a shiny gold ticket? That's a winning gift.

EASY BUT THOUGHTFUL GIFT: Lucky Tickets make it easy to gift shared experiences and create lasting memories. It's a meaningful gift that you can give last-minute, no prep required, for birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just because.

ADD A PERSONAL TOUCH: Each voucher offers space on the back to add a personal touch, and the booklet includes one blank ticket that you can fill in with a customized surprise.

GIFT ALL AT ONCE, OR INDIVIDUALLY: This booklet for grandparents is full of different gift ideas. The tickets can be given all together for a special occasion, one at a time, or split between grandparents depending on their favorite gifts and activities! You can even team up with friends and family and give one ticket from each person!

Perfect for:- Parents and children looking for fun gifts for grandparents - Family members who want to spend quality time together - Anyone shopping for affordable but unique gifts for grandparents - Mother's Day and Father's Day shoppers