ISBN: 9781797228068

Publication date: 14 Mar 2024

Author: Arviso, Tyana
Discover the magic of the desert with these notecards by Dine photographer Tyana Arviso.

This stationery set features dreamy landscapes of the American Southwest. From flowering cacti to moonlit mesas to horses grazing upon open plains, these images capture the freedom and wonder of the desert. With blank interiors, the notecards are perfect for all occasions: expressing thanks, celebrating graduations, sending birthday wishes, and more. The twenty different modern designs will appeal to travelers, explorers, bohemians, and anyone who loves the rich beauty of the Southwest.

TIMELESS AESTHETIC: For longtime desert dreamers or anyone intrigued by popular cowboy core and Western aesthetics, these nature art notecards offer a perfect way to express your love of the American Southwest.

INDIGENOUS ARTIST: As a Dine artist whose work often reflects on Indigenous culture, Tyana Arviso has a unique perspective on these beautiful landscapes, from vast vistas to desert flora.

PERFECT FOR NATURE LOVERS: Through Tyana Arviso's lens, the natural world takes on an enchanting glow. Use these cards to share your passion for the wonders of the wilderness.

Perfect for:- Fans of Western and Southwestern-inspired aesthetics and accessories - Campers, travelers, and people who enjoy the outdoors - Nature lovers and environmentalists - Fans of boho, hipster, indie, and festival styles - Landscape photography fans - Fans of Tyana Arviso's art - People looking to celebrate Indigenous creators - Stationery collectors