ISBN: 9781797223339

Publication date: 12 Oct 2023

Author: Anderson, Sydney
A celebration of birding as an inclusive activity for everyone, and how to help create that community, from founding members of the Feminist Bird Club. Birding belongs to everyone. That is the sentiment on which the Feminist Bird Club (FBC) was founded in 2016 and the spirit that is celebrated in this original and timely book. In these pages, FBC founder Molly Adams and Sydney Anderson offer readers: -A celebration of birding and the outdoors -Examples of how inclusive, affirming, and joyful an activity birding can be -Awareness of the crucial inclusivity issues facing birding communities today, and related ideas for radical inclusivity and how to break down barriers around birding for marginalized communities With ninety original illustrations from the FBC community and journal prompts throughout to offer moments of self reflection for readers, Birding for a Better World shows how we can engage in a universally available activity and support equality and social justice at the same time.