ISBN: 9781797223315

Publication date: 23 Nov 2023

Author: Wilkins, Erin M.
Japanese American herbalist and acupuncturist Erin Masako Wilkins shares accessible and comprehensive herbal wellness practices and remedies to everyday ailments, rooted in Asian tradition, for optimal health. The first modern book on herbalism and everyday Chinese medicine by an AAPI author. Erin Masako Wilkins, a fourth generation Japanese American, or yonsei, is a California-based clinical herbalist, acupuncturist, and the founder of Herb Folk, a shop and community clinic offering effective and delicious Asian American herbs, broths, and teas that promote holistic care and wellness. In Asian American Herbalism, Wilkins offers readers a beautifully illustrated and photographed collection of recipes and traditions rooted in Asian history and culture to help restore health and vitality and prevent illness. This comprehensive book is a practical and accessible wellness guide that addresses root causes of illnesses, and offers 100 easy and accessible herbal recipes for everyday ailments such as: allergies, anxiety and depression, digestion and gut health, menstrual disorders, and sleep difficulties. For example, you can make the Elderflower and Mint Tea to ward off early stages of a cold; or a Fresh Lemon Balm Water to offset stress and overwhelm. Chamomile tea, which brings energy down and clears heat, can be given to children to help with colic or teething, or used by adults to alleviate cramps and sore muscles. To ease digestive woes, try a tea made with marshmallow leaf, lemon balm, and peppermint. Or follow Wilkins's instructions for the many benefits of gua sha. Wilkins also visually walks readers through the option and process of preparing your own homemade herbs. Asian American Herbalism is the perfect health and wellness reference guide that's easy enough to implement for even the busiest reader, and beautiful enough to display on a shelf or coffee table.