ISBN: 9781797221427

Publication date: 26 Oct 2023

Author: Bornstein, Allison
Celebrity fashion stylist Allison Bornstein's Wear It Well is a guide to using fashion as a tool for self-discovery and getting dressed as an act of ultimate self-care, taking the anxiety out of finding your personal style, showing you how to make your closet a sanctuary, and bringing back the joy of getting dressed. Fashion is wellness in this guide to making dressing a ritual designed to experience more self-love, joy, and calm. Wear It Well teaches us to love our wardrobes again, break free of the wardrobe struggles that keep us from enjoying getting dressed, and how fashion can be a tool for self-discovery and self-care. Allison Bornstein is a professional stylist who made a name for herself styling celebrities like Katie Holmes, Violette, and pioneering director Cathy Yan. Now, introducing her proven method she has used with hundreds of women, she will show you how to find your personal style, curate your closet, and overcome some of these common wardrobe struggles: - "I don't have time" - "I hate all of my clothes" - "Nothing fits right" - "It's too old/too young looking" - "I don't have a personal style" Bornstein shares her AB Closet Editing System that will help you detox both your thoughts and clothes by getting rid of items that don't fit or that you never wear, and learning to fill your closet with ONLY clothes that bring you more joy, confidence, and empowerment. Like vision-boarding for your wardrobe and life, you will use her Three Word Method to choose words that you most want to identify with (ex: "Artsy," "Minimal," "Romantic"), so that you can better understand your desires and how you want to look and feel. Wear It Well will inspire you to make getting dressed a sacred time for personal reflection and self-exploration and to create a closet that is a safe and inspiring space - so you can bring the joy backing into dressing.