ISBN: 9781797219547

Publication date: 11 Apr 2024

Author: Gomi, Taro
Building toddler bathroom habits is a breeze with these flash cards based on Taro Gomi's potty-training classic Everyone Poops !

The 20 sturdy, portable flash cards inspired by the classic picture book are just right for potty training on the go. Featuring simple text and colorful illustrations, they introduce toddlers to the pooping habits of different animals, with a focus on humans pooping in the toilet. Toddlers will know it's true: Everyone poops-and big kids poop in the potty!

POTTY TRAINING MADE EASY: These appealing flash cards based on the classic Everyone Poops children's book are a toddler's instruction manual for bathroom etiquette, making the concept of going to the bathroom (and where one goes to the bathroom!) concrete and understandable.

PERFECTLY PAIRED WITH EVERYONE POOPS : These toilet-training flash cards are portable and easy to tote anywhere or keep in the bathroom to help toddlers ease into the potty experience.

A GO-TO GIFT: Parents and caregivers of toddlers will embrace this gift that reinforces the potty-training process while featuring delightful art and encouraging words.

Perfect for:- Parents, grandparents, and caregivers of toddlers who are learning to use the potty - Sweet and practical gift for baby showers or toddler birthdays - Fans of bestselling author-illustrator Taro Gomi - Readers of Everyone Poops and other bestselling potty training books