ISBN: 9781797217574

Publication date: 27 Apr 2023

Author: Zach Zimmerman

In this debut collection of essays, lists, musings, and quips, Zimmerman delicately walks the fine line between tear-jerking and knee-slapping, and does so with aplomb. Through this memoir-esque exploration of selfhood, Zach unveils the pros and cons of retiring his Bible-Belt-dwelling, meat-eating, God-fearing identity in exchange for a new, metropolitan lease on life—one of vegetarianism, atheism, queerness, and humor, in which he finally finds his truest self. Whether learning to absolve instilled religious guilt or reminiscing over Tinder dates gone horribly wrong, this book is a candid and hysterical snippet of one man’s journey toward making peace with the past and seeking hope in the future, perfect for the bookworm and humor fan in your life.