ISBN: 9781797214504

Publication date: 09 Nov 2023

Author: Paley, Dan

This tribute to the unsung heroes of firefighting takes readers along on a high-stakes mission to battle one of the deadliest natural disasters.

A lone figure stands on a tower, watching and waiting. Lightning strikes. Tree bark sparks. A wisp of white smoke rises in the distance. It is time to act. Frightening images of raging wildfires top the daily news. On the ground, smoke fills the air as people prepare to flee their homes ahead of encroaching flames. Who helps to get this crisis under control?

And what do these heroes do? They hold the line. They Hold the Line delivers a dramatic inside look at the work of the highly trained first responders who risk their lives to fight wildfires. From hotshot handcrews to those who support them, wildland firefighters serve as stewards of the land, managing the health of our forests and the safety of our communities.

Powerfully written by Dan Paley, and brought vividly to life by Molly Mendoza, this compelling and informative narrative explores wildland firefighters' complex, high-stakes mission in-depth.