ISBN: 9781797205458

Publication date: 07 Jul 2022

Author: Jamila Rowser

From writer Jamila Rowser and artist Robyn Smith comes a captivating graphic novel about the daily lives of four best friends in the Bronx, told through five interlocking short stories. “Wash Day” follows Kim through the quiet self-care rituals of her wash day—the universal experience shared by Black women of setting aside all plans and responsibilities for a full day of hair care. “Group Chat” sees Tanisha filling her many hours at the salon by texting her friends all her latest gossip. “Bright Side” is a quiet portrait of Davene missing a hair appointment as she struggles with her mental health and gets well-meaning, but misguided support from Cookie. In “La Bendición,” Cookie receives an unexpected request from her estranged abuela and heals a family rift during a tender moment of hair care. “Ride or Die” takes place on Saturday night, when the girls have each other’s backs as they head triumphantly to the club for Kim’s big show.

Inspired by her own wash day ritual and a desire to see more comics for and by women of color, Jamila Rowser collaborated with Robyn Smith to create the critically acclaimed mini comic, WASH DAY. In expanding the story of Kim and her friends, the authors pay tribute to Black sisterhood through portraits of shared, yet deeply personal experiences of Black hair care. Smith brings these stories to life in her art through thoughtful color choices, expressive storytelling, and deeply real characters. Full of tender, relatable, and laugh out loud funny moments, the stories of WASH DAY DIARIES pay a loving tribute to the beauty and resilience of Black women’s hair and friendships.