ISBN: 9781785514722

Publication date: 23 Oct 2023

Author: Schrijver, Emile

For the first time, exquisite and rarely seen ancient Hebrew manuscripts are presented in this stunning volume as “encounters”, highlighting their similarities and differences in a striking, visual conversation between manuscripts from two outstanding collections. 

This cleverly designed and richly illustrated dual language English and Hebrew publication will accompany the first temporary exhibition in the new building of the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem. It draws its objects from both the Library’s collection and the highly prestigious, privately owned Braginsky Collection of Zurich, Switzerland.

Vibrant new photography brings these manuscripts, printed books, Esther Scrolls and marriage contracts to life. Engaging texts examine such themes as community, migration, spirituality, mysticism, and inspiration, which will be enlightening to all interested in Hebrew manuscripts and the history and culture of the Jewish people.

Text in English and Hebrew.