ISBN: 9781785514500

Publication date: 23 Mar 2023

Author: Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral, with its origins in the seventh century, is one of the oldest cathedral foundations in England and retains a warmth and intimacy all its own. Its two patron saints, the martyred Saxon King Ethelbert and the Norman Bishop Thomas Cantilupe, brought medieval pilgrims and their votive offerings, greatly increasing the cathedral’s revenues. This led both to a series of ambitious building projects such as the fine 13th-century Lady Chapel, and to the accumulation of some rare treasures, including the famed Mappa Mundi, a copy of the Magna Carta, the medieval Cantilupe shrine and a 17th-century chained library.

This richly illustrated guide offers a readable and informative introduction to the buildings, treasures and history of one of England’s lesser-known cathedrals.