ISBN: 9781785514142

Publication date: 14 Apr 2023

Author: Wiusek, Ola

Expressing stories of Native American survival and resistance, Reclaiming Home: Contemporary Seminole Art explores the work of 12 contemporary artists of the Seminole diaspora. This stunning volume illustrates how Seminole and mixed-heritage artists combine traditional skills and techniques - knowledge passed down to them from elders, family members, and ancestors - with innovative modes of expression and varied materials, including photo-based and digital collage techniques, performance, video, installation art, and mixed media. Their work engages concepts of hybridity and image-making and highlights social issues impacting Native communities today, from environmental protection to public health imperatives. Accompanied by critical and personal essays by leading scholars as well as artists’ statements and an interview, Reclaiming Home: Contemporary Seminole Art proposes contemporary works of art as powerful expressions of Native sovereignty.