ISBN: 9781785513176

Publication date: 07 Aug 2020

Author: Schneider, Gary Garrido
Contemporary artist Michael Rees is an acknowledged leader in the field
of cutting-edge digital art. This volume documents a compelling group of
Rees's colourful inflatable sculptures that incorporate brilliant
structural elements and dynamic interventions of augmented reality.
Commissioned for an exhibition at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New
Jersey (open until January 2021), these objects, alongside augment
works by six other contemporary artists, illuminate how digital thinking
and its rich visual vocabulary are at the forefront of the future of
art. Synthetic Cells features augmented
reality artworks by Michael Rees, Claudia Hart, Chris Manzione, Will
Pappenheimer, John Craig Freeman, Carla Gannis and Tamiko Thiel.