ISBN: 9781785512865

Publication date: 05 Aug 2022

Author: Falkowski, Wojciech

The Royal Castle in Warsaw is one of the most important museums-residences in Poland. Its history and the provenance of its collections are extremely complex and symbolize the turbulent history of the country.
The last king of Poland, Stanislaw August, created a great collection of works of art and commissioned the interior design in a classicist style. With the loss of independence by Poland, works of art and furnishings were transported to Russia, then later returned under the Treaty of Riga in 1921. Looted by the Germans during World War II, the Castle was blown up in 1944. The castle finished being rebuilt in 1984 and today is a museum of interiors and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The highlights of the Castle’s collections include paintings by Rembrandt and Canaletto as well as valuable objects of decorative arts and historical memorabilia, showcased in this latest Director’s Choice with the expertise of Director Wojciech Falkowski.