ISBN: 9781648961601

Publication date: 27 Oct 2022

Author: Princeton Architectural Press

50 tear-out posters, each designed by a unique artist or designer, that convey the urgency of needing to take action to help prevent climate change.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate, a body of scientists convened by the United Nations, recently reported that an even hotter climate is certain as a result of the burning coal, oil and gas, the planet has already heated by approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit and the window of time to avoid additional impacts is closing. Heat waves, water shortages, and large-scale animal and plant die-offs are now inevitable. However, changing this course is still possible through collective action.

Historically, posters are one of the most common mediums of communication for dissent or social change. Posters for the Planet is a collection of 50 posters, each from a unique artist or designer (selected from an international call), that convey the urgency of needing to take action to prevent climate change. The posters are 11 x 14 in, printed on FSC paper, and intended to be used by activists, students, and anyone interested in enacting change.