ISBN: 9781642463804

Publication date: 03 Mar 2022

Author: Em & Friends

Menopause is something that happens to half the people in the world, yet most of us know very little about it. (Most people know more about dogs. People know a ton about dogs.) We have questions! So many questions. (Like, is craving peanut butter pretzels EVEN MORE THAN USUAL a menopause thing? Or is that just a now-times thing?)

Note: This card is part of a new series dedicated to menopause! We really want to support people going through this transition and normalize conversation around it. With the launch of these cards, we’re proud to join those helping to make this transition less isolating and more empowering.

  • Goes GREAT with menopause gifts! (which should totally be a thing)
  • Blank inside; A2 size (4.25 x 5.5-inches)
  • Printed in the USA on heavyweight matte stock
  • Comes with a matching kraft envelope

Card reads: Menopause! I have some questions: Peri…menopause? Am I in it? I think I‘m in it. Why am I crying about a celebrity’s dog? What does sleeping feel like? I forgot. Is there such a thing as cute sweat-wicking sheets? Five to ten years? That seems… vague. So, like, what’s up with this vast void of information? At least we get to WTF together. (Text me at 4am, I’ll be up!)