ISBN: 9781616893453

Publication date: 10 Nov 2015

Author: Tom Kundig, Jenny Hallengren

"The book offers not only gorgeous studies of Kundig's signature details and integration with natural landscapes, but also a record of his refreshingly straightforward voice."—Archinect "The book is beautifully designed and produced: a match for its content, and a joy to browse."—Form Tom Kundig: Works presents nineteen recent projects from award-winning architect Tom Kundig, from his celebrated modern home designs to commercial projects. Tom Kundig is known for his striking and innovative house design that is rugged, yet elegant and welcoming in style. Tom Kundig: Works illuminates the design process behind his work with lush photography, drawings, and sketches that will inspire any creative home owner. A wide range of projects showcase architectural design from a large scale to small details: Tom Kundig: Works details buildings as complicated as multistory complexes and the Tacoma Art Museum, and also homes in on intimate aspects of interior design such as his line of hardware handles, door pulls, hinges, and more. Architects and design enthusiasts will appreciate the incredible thought and care that goes into each project. As much memoir as monograph: In firsthand accounts, Kundig describes his design process for each project, interspersed with personal anecdotes. The book includes an introduction by design editor Pilar Viladas and in-depth conversations with Kundig's frequent collaborators, including "gizmologist" Phil Turner and contractor Jim Dow (Schuchart/ Dow), and his clients, including Bigwood Residence and Studhorse. Tom Kundig: Works is another stunning addition to Tom Kundig's growing portfolio of architectural masterpieces.