ISBN: 9781592703876

Publication date: 10 Oct 2023

Author: Salmieri, Robert

A celebration of the wonders of nature and lifeall waiting for you to discover when you spend a day in the park!

With its chirping birds, bounding dogs, and flickering fireflies, a day at the park bursts with life—from sunrise to sunset to sunrise. Though no more than some acres in a big city, the park still hums with the richness, variety, and mystery of the natural world.

This picture book was inspired by artist Robert Salmieri's love for Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. With a mixed media technique including collage and painting, each spread reveals the variety of activity and moods that he observed at different times and different locations in the park. He hopes that this book will inspire young readers to seek out and enjoy nature and wildlife everywhere it is found, from the smallest towns to the biggest cities.