ISBN: 9781452164311

Publication date: 17 Apr 2018

Author: Lori Roberts

A Life of Gratitude by Lori Roberts will help you show thankfulness on a daily basis. A colorfully illustrated and thought-provoking reminder to find beauty in every day: Filled with activities, projects, and prompts that can take a minute or a day to complete, this beautiful keepsake journal is the perfect way to get some perspective and find happiness in the present. A Life of Gratitude offers a collection of colorful illustrations and stimulating writing prompts that vary from “What are you thankful for?” to “How does the color red make you feel?” to “Who has been your greatest teacher in life?” Thoughtfully put together to help you find peace and tranquility, this gratitude journal is for those who want to seek joy in all of life’s daily moments. • Beautiful watercolor illustrations and quotes are scattered throughout, welcoming you in and giving the book a warm, inviting feeling that guides you through the pages. • Lori Roberts seeks deeper truths and understanding about ourselves–what it means to be human, finding happiness, the importance of interconnectedness, and our intrinsic need for nature. Her illustrations are an extension of this seeking. With the help of A Life of Gratitude, you can spend more time focusing on what you’re grateful for while building self-awareness and a greater sense of overall well-being. • This gratitude journal is great for all ages and people in every stage of life. • Without dated entries or pages, you can move freely throughout the book without pressure to complete prompts quickly.