ISBN: 9781419771385

Publication date: 12 Oct 2023

Author: Beaty, Andrea
Get five of the beloved New York Times bestselling Questioneers picture books in this must-have collectible box set!

Three cheers for The Questioneers! Celebrate science, perseverance, and creativity in this 5-book box set that includes the beloved New York Times bestselling picture books Iggy Peck, Architect; Rosie Revere, Engineer; Ada Twist, Scientist; Sofia Valdez, Future Prez; and Aaron Slater, Illustrator. It’s the perfect gift for fans and new readers alike!
Follow Iggy Peck, Rosie Revere, Ada Twist, Sofia Valdez, and Aaron Slater on all of their adventures! Add the picture books, chapter books, and activity books starring The Questioneers by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts to your family library today.