ISBN: 9781419770319

Publication date: 12 Oct 2023

Author: Jankeliowitch, Anne
Environmental engineer Anne Jankéliowitch takes a mesmerizing, playful, and scientific deep dive into one of the Mediterranean Sea’s most-curious treasures in The Mysteries of Red Coral, featuring illustrations by award-winning artist Stéphane Kiehl.
Considered a lucky charm as well as material for jewelry and works of art, red coral has mesmerized humankind since antiquity. But who are the people behind creating these precious objects? A young narrator and her grandmother embark on a journey to meet the passionate experts of red coral. She interviews a historian, diver, biologist, taxonomist, coral hunter, and many other specialists who answer her questions, with the hope of turning readers into ambassadors and protectors of the mysterious treasure.
Blending science, history, and culture through investigation, interview, and illustrations, The Mysteries of Red Coral is as gorgeous and surprising as red coral itself.