ISBN: 9781419764035

Publication date: 26 Oct 2023

Author: Cutruzzula, Kara
A guided journal for setting boundaries, perfect for anyone who has felt pulled in different directions, at a crossroads, or overwhelmed by options
Our lives are buzzing with so many things to do. Kara Cutruzzula, author of the journals Do It For Yourself and Do It Today, has helped readers think creatively about motivation and encouragement. But now we need to talk about the things you don’t want to do. The obligations that feel oppressive. The work projects that weigh you down. The creative projects that haunt you but never seem to move forward. And, yes, the people who drain your energy. How do you say no?
In Do It (or Don’t), readers will gain an incredibly clear idea of their boundaries and how to create, stick to, and flourish within them. This exercise feels especially timely after living through a period that forever blurred the boundaries between work and life. We can come to understand that boundaries actually free us and our futures. Through setting boundaries in our personal, professional, and creative lives, we become aware of everything we have to offer. Instead of burning out or giving too much, we will give just enough—and leave plenty for ourselves to keep going. You will learn how to define your worth, flake gracefully, make space for important work, and focus on the people and projects that matter most to you.
With vibrant, full-color illustrations by Jasmina Zornić, guided prompts, and a generous, empathetic, and encouraging tone, Do It (or Don’t) and its message leads readers to clarity and connection with their most authentic selves.