ISBN: 9781419763663

Publication date: 14 Sep 2023

Author: Greenwald, Tommy
From Tommy Greenwald, the acclaimed author of Game Changer, and artist Lesley Vamos, Ultimate Goal isthe first title in the hilarious, heavily illustrated chapter book series the Good Sports League.
Ben Cutler loves everything about soccer! He’s got a great team, and they have the best pregame chants and half-time jokes. He and his best friend, Jay-Jay, even invent dances for when they score a goal! And Ben is good at soccer. Like REALLY good. Too good for a casual rec team. Soon, he’s recruited for a travel team.
His new team plays amazingly well, but they take soccer super seriously. No pregame chants, no juice-box breaks, and the most important rule of all: NO DANCING. Even though his new team is winning all the time, Ben is left to wonder, Is winning all that matters in the end?
Includes a sneak peek of the second Good Sports League book, Perfect Pitch