ISBN: 9781419736230

Publication date: 07 Apr 2020

Author: Abby Howard

An informative and funny nonfiction graphic-novel series that explores the flora and fauna of prehistoric Earth When Ronnie’s parents go on a business trip and leave her with Miss Lernin—their neighbor and a retired paleontologist—for the week, Ronnie is sure she’s in for dinosaur-sized adventure. After all, her last trip with Miss Lernin involved real-life dinosaurs! So when they end up at the aquarium jellyfish exhibit, Ronnie is confused. Surely jellyfish aren’t as cool as dinosaurs, right? Wrong! Determined to show Ronnie just how interesting prehistoric life was before the age of the dinosaurs, Miss Lernin takes her back in time to the six parts of the Paleozoic Era to study the earliest lifeforms on Earth and how life moved from water to land.