ISBN: 9780853729907

Publication date: 01 Jan 2000

Author: Linda Proud

The word 'icon' comes from the Greek word for 'image' and has come to refer specifically to the sacred images of the Orthodox Church. This beautiful book will enthrall all interested in the subject.The Orthodox Church developed from the Roman Empire, and considers icons not art in the general sense but as a method of prayer. Lying within icons are guides and instructors to the spiritual life, which this guide helps to illuminate.With colour reproductions of icons from across the centuries, this informative guide explores the great painters of icons, their traditions and the general form and harmony of the sacred art of icons. In addition, Linda Proud examines several types of icon and how they differ, as well as giving a guide on how to pray with icons, including a traditional Orthodox prayer.Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British history, heritage and travel.