ISBN: 9780735381186

Publication date: 18 Jan 2024

Author: Brass Monkey
Finally, a drawing game that's even better when you can't draw. Inside you'll find a pad of paper and 500+ prompts, each featuring a well-known character, animal or object to draw - and players compete by trying their best to depict one, all from memory alone. Each round is judged on a randomly selected (and secret) criteria - everything from 'most accurate' to 'unintentionally hilarious.' It doesn't matter if you're a talented artist or not - absolutely no one really knows what an aardvark looks like, so anyone can win.Includes 300 game cards–each with a different prompt to draw like 'Bugs Bunny', 'A Bicycle' or 'Bert & Ernie'. Includes a pad of paper with 86 pages. Box measures 5" x 2.8" tall x 3" deep (127mm x 71mm x 76mm). Suitable for 2 to 8 players.