ISBN: 9780735379527

Publication date: 31 Aug 2023

Author: Brass Monkey
Trivia should be fun–not feel like a homework assignment. That's why this Truly Terrifying Trivia set by Brass Monkey is filled with some of the most random true crime & generally creepy knowledge we could find. . .and even better, you'll choose your questions from a bunch of misleading categories. For example: 'Suicide Squad.' Those are questions about Dr. Kevorkian, by the way. • Includes 200 unique trivia cards specifically themed around truly terrifying facts (that you'll probably regret learning). • Each question is grouped in an entertainingly-misleading category to keep everyone guessing–literally. • Comes with an instruction sheet that explains 3 different ways to play (depending on how smart you think you are). • Each of our trivia collections contains entirely different questions (and categories). Collect them all to build the world's most useless trivia library. • Suitable for 2-8+ people. Go crazy. • The outer box measures 3.5" square by 3" (89mm x 89mm x 76mm).