ISBN: 9780735379442

Publication date: 31 Aug 2023

Author: Brass Monkey
Can't seem to find the time to sit down for a board game? Neither can we. We're too busy opening the fridge 400 times a day–that's why we made this magnetic version of the game. Now you can show off your chess skills (or lack-there-of) passively throughout the day–or week–or month. • Features a magnet board that sticks to your fridge, a metal cabinet, or something else that's metal–you know, things you would put magnets on. • Includes 46 magnetic game pieces. • Not to mention an instruction book that explains the game in detail. • Suitable for 2 players. • The outer box measures 6" square by 1.25" deep (152mm x 152mm x 31.75mm).