ISBN: 9780735379428

Publication date: 12 Oct 2023

Author: Brass Monkey

Sure it looks like an orange juice carton, but lift off the top, and you'll find a block of 500+ tear-off sheets of paper – making this note set by Brass Monkey perfect for reminders, doodles, or that to-do list that's bordering on expired. Bonus: when you run out of paper, it's made to fit pads from a company that rhymes with ‘free phlegm.'

• Includes a block of 500+ tear-off sheets of paper hidden inside.

• Don't forget the included 3.5" pencil hiding in plain sight (that discreetly stores away in the straw hole when not in use).

• Outer package measures 5" by 3.5" by 5.25" tall.

• Milk carton measures 3.25" by 3.25" by 4.75".

• Each piece of notepaper measures 2.75" square.