ISBN: 9780735379398

Publication date: 31 Aug 2023

Author: Brass Monkey
Adults like stickers, too. We just (unfortunately) don't have trapper keepers to put them on anymore. That's why Brass Monkey made this–a book of stickers designed to be used. This book of Judgy Fish is here to do what you can't–mercilessly judge all of the people, places, and inanimate objects around you. They're perfect for bar tabs, tax bills, and, well, life. • Features a wide range of judgy fish (sourced from vintage illustrations) with even judgier comments. • Includes 18 pages of traditional over-sized stickers (and 2 bonus pages of vintage-inspired ‘puffy' ones). • Each page features as many stickers as we could physically cram onto it (sorry to be so technical). • That's 60+ over-sized stickers, in case you're counting. • The overall book measures 4" wide by 6" tall (101mm x 152mm).