ISBN: 9780735379329

Publication date: 31 Aug 2023

Author: Brass Monkey
People love to celebrate their cats, and for good reason. . .most of the time. I mean, sure, they do literally poop in a box and make you clean it up. And then there's that whole constantly vomiting thing. Oh, and all of those animals that they kill and leave for you to step on in the middle of the night. What was I saying? Oh, right. This oversized deck of cat ‘milestone cards' by Brass Monkey includes 50 praise cards and 50 shame cards, perfect for photographing next to the world's largest hairball that your cat just gagged up. • Includes 50 double-sided cards to photograph with your cat–perfect for annoying other people on social media with. • Each card features a unique ‘praise' on the front and a ‘shame' on the back. • They all come in a displayable two-piece box. • The outer box measures 4.5" wide by 6" tall by 1.7" deep (114mm x 152mm x 43mm). • Cards measure 4" wide x 5.75" tall (101mm x 146mm) with a matte finish.