ISBN: 9780735377196

Publication date: 19 Jan 2023

Author: Brass Monkey, Galison
This matte gold-plated bookmark is perfect for marking your place–and leaving your mark. When it's not keeping your spot in that great American novel you're reading, you can stencil 'Grammar Police' wherever you see fit (except in those library books, you literary badass). Bonus: there's also a 5.5" long ruler etched into the surface, so you'll always know if nearby hedgehogs are tall enough to ride any rodent-based theme park rides. • Made in heavyweight metal, with a matte gold-plated finish. • Features a unique, stencil-able editorial phrase. • Includes a 5.5" ruler to, like, measure stuff with. • The bookmark measures 1.2" wide by 5.675" tall–that's 30mm by 144mm if you're fancy. • Comes beautifully packaged (at least we think so) on a 2.5" by 7.5" peggable stuffer card.