ISBN: 9780735373655

Publication date: 14 Apr 2022

Sure, GPS can take you to the nearest gas station, but it’s absolutely worthless when it comes to finding Ross & Rachel. So this 1,000 piece panoramic puzzle by Brass Monkey features an 'updated' vintage map of the New York City area, including the theoretical locations of some of your favorite sitcoms and movies. If they were real, this is where you’d find them.

• Features a vintage map of New York (from a magical parallel universe where Seinfeld and Mrs. Maisel are neighbors).

• Completed puzzle measures 39" wide by 14" tall.

• Box measures 18" wide by 7.5" tall (and 1.75" thick btw).

• Minimal puzzle dust. Your human dust is your problem, though.

• And yes, we know. Other shows take place in New York, too. Thanks for telling us. We couldn't fit them all. You want to see the map too, right?