ISBN: 9780735370609

Publication date: 28 Oct 2021

Author: Brass Monkey, Galison

Build the bar of your dreams, one drink at a time. This compact drinking journal by Brass Monkey starts with a simple cocktail (with two ingredients), but each consecutive drink adds a new component to your bar...so you'll always know that you'll have exactly what you need. Includes recipes for 100s of cocktails, as well as space to write down your drunken thoughts. • Just start with two basic ingredients (and this book) and build your bar as you...well...drink. • Vintage-inspired spot-varnished hardcover (with color pages throughout). • Features 400 unique pages filled with drink recipes, trivia, and a running inventory of your bar. • Includes space to journal about each drink as you go (or just your drunken million dollar ideas... like 'finger socks'). • Book measures 4.3" wide by 5.75" tall.