ISBN: 9788867327607

Publication date: 09 Nov 2015

Author: Marta Sironi

From advertising campaigns to type design, Giovanni Pintori’s signature was always a constant attempt to show, in a quite direct way, the complexity of technology and how it can enhance human creativity. Graphic metaphors were created through the combination of small elements in more complex systems, repeated visual patterns and color schemes. This book traces the history of this graphic designer through his work with brands Olivetti, Pirelli and Merzario through to more personal research and studies.
Though the majority of his work consists on the production of Pintori for Olivetti this monograph presents for the first time to an international audience the vast production of the Italian graphic designer, highlighting the overall consistency and showing his creative process, through sketches and paintings.

Amongst the many exhibition where his work has been displayed, the most notable one is the Olivetti: Design Industry" exhibition organized by MoMA in 1952 in which his work is extensively represented. Today part of the permanent collection of the SF MOMA, the posters have been widely published and imitated."