ISBN: 9782408024659

Publication date: 18 Mar 2021

Author: Stephanie Babin, Manu Callejon

Learning while playing is the name of the game: Parents are forever looking for things to keep children entertained while on a road trip–whether it's a 10-minute ride to Grandma's house or a flight across the country! They'll find the perfect solution in Twirl's Matching Game Books. • Four activities in one! Slide the panels to find matching pairs; spot the creatures in the big picture; identify them by their characteristics; play hide-and seek with the matching pairs, or even come up with games of their own! • An interactive game book that trains visual memory, increases attention to detail, and builds vocabulary too • Colorful and whimsical illustrations of a wide variety of bugs and little creatures Fans of Matching Game Book: Bugs will also enjoy the interactive learning in other books in the Matching Game Book series, including Animals, Zoom!, and Colors. • Ideal for travelling and learning on the go • Books for 3–5 years old • Books for preschool and kindergarten learning