ISBN: 9781925811698

Publication date: 28 Oct 2021

Author: Hisham Assaad

This beautifully photographed cookbook explores the city with a troubled past but a huge and vibrant foodie reputation: Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Perfectly poised between the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Lebanese food has never been so popular, but Beiruti food has a character all its own and this book sets out to prove it. City of myriad names and a multi-lingual heritage—Beirut/Bayrut/Beyrouth/?????—the “Paris of the Middle East”—was the original party city, perched on the coast of the Med, and today features an East-West blend of cultures that is complex and fascinating, with so much to offer the foodie explorer. There’s no ignoring the turmoil and devastation the city has withstood, but it is also a place of untold culinary richness, of colour and rebirth, and a vibrant spirit that refuses to hide. This book tells the story of its cuisine: one of multiple cultures and traditions, with ever-popular street-food fare, as well traditional family favourites that have been handed down through generations. Featuring simple-to-make, evocative and delicious Beiruti recipes drawn from home kitchens, from the fascinating ferns (street ovens) and kaak (purse-bread) vendors, and from the mezze cafés (Beirut is arguably the place where mezze originated). Create lavish breakfast spreads, traditional Sunday feasts, fresh and vibrant salads, easy and nutritious suppers, or even a delectable afternoon tea with tempting perfumed sweets and delicacies. Care has been taken to choose internationally available ingredients, so nothing is too difficult for the home cook to try. With stunning food and travel photography, this book will transport you to the cultural melting pot that is Beirut—a city that excels at mouth-watering food.