ISBN: 9781925811049

Publication date: 21 May 2019

Author: Jerry Mai

Author Jerry Mai is a master of street food. She owns a restaurant specialising in flavours of Vietnamese hawker-markets. Throughout this book, Jerry presents street food from the length of the country. There’s bahn mi, rice paper rolls, Vietnamese-style omelets, lemongrass and fresh herb infused stir-frys, fresh noodle salads and so much more. Learn the subtle finesse that distinguishes a Hanoi-style pho from its southern relatives. If these dishes can be made on a cart, in the swarming streets of Da Nang, you can be confident in recreating them at home. With stunning photography of all 70 recipes, accompanied by gonzo imagery of the country itself, this is the perfect book for the armchair traveller or for those wishing to commemorate their trip. This book is the first installment of the Street Food series, with Turkey and Mexico next on the chopping block. As any visitor will tell you, travelling through Vietnam is a culinary awakening. From Hanoi – the country’s capital, in the north – down to Ho Chi Minh, it’s easy to find where the locals eat… Because it’s right in middle of the street. Where the West might view street carts as specially reserved for the chronically intoxicated or intestinally masochistic, curbside vendors in Vietnam are the country’s greatest chefs. Street Food Vietnam is a glimpse into these compact kitchens-on-wheels, without any of the humidity.