ISBN: 9781925811032

Publication date: 05 Feb 2019

Author: Ethan Jenkins

Let’s be clear: author Ethan Jenkins isn’t campaigning for the total eradication of the word “cute.” He just hopes to provide readers with some equally cute alternatives. In a slight deviation to the format of Roget’s Thesaurus (the synonymic authority since 1851), this book is ablaze with illustrations of unicorns, rainbows and anything pink. If only there was some short, punchy and universal word to describe this particular style of design… Maybe winsome or darling? Dainty or precious? Time to open up The Cute Thesaurus. The word “cute” – a shortened form of “acute”, meaning shrewd or clever – first appeared in the English language in 1731. Near-300 years ago, it was a far cry from the etymological chameleon we know today. Now “cute” is blurted out in so many contexts, its impact has become forever diluted. On any given day, one might find themselves saying: “this baby is so cuuute I simply cannot!”, “I think that bartenders kind of cute” or “don’t play cute with me.” If you’re guilty of using any (or all) of these regularly, this book will help to claim back your vocabulary. If it’s a friend or family member who needs an articulation intervention, let this essential reading be the first step on their road to recovery.