ISBN: 9781925418743

Publication date: 04 Sep 2018

Author: Jack Campbell

Nachos are perfection. This we all know. Even the most haphazard assemblage of corn-flavoured cardboard and bright orange oozy cheese is tasty. Arguably, nachos are the greatest snackfood ever. Author Jack Campbell makes the compelling case that nachos can – and should – be enjoyed every day of the year. Throw out all fears of ‘junk food’ and embrace this gooey, crunchy deliciousness. Here you’ll find more than 40 of the best nacho recipes using a variety of bases, including classic tortilla chips, sweet potatoes, crisps, Italian ciabatta bread, and even waffles. Then there’s the array of toppings, like Texas-style chicken nachos with mango and jicama salsa, or the gratuitous cheeseburger nachos... And—for good measure—you’ll find a bunch of breakfast and dessert nachos too! S’mores Nachos, anyone?