ISBN: 9781922754189

Publication date: 30 Mar 2023

Author: Vlada Haggerty

As Kylie Jenner put it, “Check out this inspiring photograph from…@vladamua! "

From opulent to optical illusion, Vlada’s art is a blend of make-up and magic that transform her lips into canvases. MUA royalty, her work is washed across the internet, lips dripping and bedazzled, transformed by talent and a vision that’s helped shape the beauty industry.

Featuring over 200 photographs of Vlada’s work, Art of the Lip is a sumptuous tome to flip through and marvel at the minute, painted details on her lips in each photo. Gloss, lipstick, sequins and jewels transform Vlada’s skin in hundreds of different images, with looks inspired by nature, jewellery, pop culture and more.

Much more than just lipstick, Vlada’s art is a showcase of makeup’s power and an artist’s innovation.