ISBN: 9781922417398

Publication date: 14 Oct 2021

Author: Dr Brooke Ah Shay

It’s not breaking news that our understanding of certain parts of our bodies is somewhat… lacking. Throw in the misinformation lurking on the internet (we’re looking at you, everyone on Yahoo Answers), and you’ve got a real mess when it comes to sex and our reproductive bits. While we might all get the birds and bees, many of us certainly don’t really understand our plumbing. Well, it’s time to crack out that mirror and read up, because Dr. Brooke Ah Shay is here to save us from ourselves.

The Penis / The Vagina will tell you everything you didn’t know that you didn’t know, whether you’re 16 or 60. Dr. Ah Shay has already read through all those boring medical texts so you don’t have to, and has distilled everything into a fun, informative guide for anyone curious about what exactly is going on when you’re getting it on, or any other part of the day.

Designed as two books in one, this owner’s guide is flippable: one side has information all about the vagina. Turn it around, and it’s a guide to the penis. Full of infographics and some mind-boggling facts, this book is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to take a trip downstairs.