ISBN: 9781906388492

Publication date: 03 Aug 2009

Author: Rosie Martin

From the award-winning botanical painting authors, a book to record more than just the flora of the world, but also the fauna. Recording accurately but beautifully the animal wildlife that surrounds us is an age-old art. The authors, with the Eden Project, show us how to take up the subject and make the most of the revival of this art form. Finding sources from which to draw is not as diffficult as it once was. We can visit zoos and wildlife parks, and museums have comprehensive collections of birds, animals, insects, crystals and fossils. All these sources allow us to take the time to capture the true essence of some of the most beautiful things on earth. From dinosaur skeletons, fossils and shells through feathers, birds, fish to beetles, butterflies and frogs. Learn how to paint the subtle scales on a fish, the iridescence of a feather or the lustre on a shell. The authors take you through the full range of skills and techniques you need to undertake natural history drawing and painting. Key techniques are explained with step-by-step demonstrations. Stunning illustrations will inspire you and illuminate the techniques you are learning. A stunning book on an art form that is fast becoming the new botanical illustration. (Word count 20,000)