ISBN: 9781797228600

Publication date: 06 Jun 2024

Author: Holt, K.A.
The award-winning novel in verse is now in paperback! Celebrated author K.A. Holt delivers an emotional wallop in this universal story of finding a way to be comfortable in your own skin.

An Odyssey Honor book
A Rainbow Book List selection
An NCTE Notable Poetry Book selection
A Booklist Top 10 Romance Fiction Book for Youth

Kate and Tam meet, and both of their worlds tip sideways. At first, Tam figures Kate is your stereotypical cheerleader; Kate sees Tam as another tall jock. But the more they run into each other, the more they surprise each other. Beneath Kate's sleek ponytail and perfect facade, Tam sees a goofy, sensitive, lonely girl. And Tam's so much more than a volleyball player, Kate realizes: She's everything Kate wishes she could be. It's complicated. Except it's not. When Kate and Tam meet, theyfall in like. It's as simple as that. But not everybody sees it that way.

From the author of House Arrest and Knockout, this unforgettable novel in verse shares the story of two girls discovering their feelings for each other-a story that will appeal to anyone who's ever been unsure about the self they're becoming. Sometimes you know who you're meant to be with before you know who you're meant to be .

A glowing, heartfelt addition to the middle-grade LGBTQ genre."- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"The free-verse narration is totally accessible, flowing quick and clear, and Holt plays with form, beautifully highlighting the parallel internal journeys, often achieving something akin to a musical duet. Ultimately, this is a . . . moving story well-told."- Booklist, starred review

LGBTQ NOVEL FOR MIDDLE-GRADE READERS: A heartfelt story about friendship, first crushes, and all the feelings in between.

A NOVEL INTRO TO POETRY: K.A. Holt's distinctive and accessible free-verse style will appeal to poetry lovers and reluctant readers alike.

QUICK AND ENJOYABLE READ: This relatable coming-of-age story is sure to become a classroom and library favorite kids will read, reread, and share with their friends.

POPULAR, TRUSTED AUTHOR: K.A. Holt's books have been nominated for awards in more than 30 states. She is popular on the school speaking circuit and presents keynote speeches throughout the year all over the world, making her a trusted name and a favorite for middle-grade readers.

Perfect for:- Preteens and teenagers, ages 10-15 - Middle school and high school readers - Classrooms and libraries - Teachers and counselors - Parents and caregivers of LGBTQ kids