ISBN: 9781797220000

Publication date: 14 Sep 2023

Author: Huang, Katie

Luxe and eye-catching, Luminous Dreams: The Deck empowers you to uncover the deeper meaning behind your dreams.

This enchanting deck of 60 cards teaches you how to connect with your subconscious and interpret the hidden meaning of your dreams. Each card features information on a common dream symbol, scenario, sensation, or emotion-including cats, doors, teeth, water, driving, falling, and so much more-plus prompts to help you unpack what the dream reveals about your present life.

Filled with gorgeous artwork and easy-to-follow wisdom on dream interpretation, this deck is a must-have bedside companion for modern mystics, meditation enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to discover the hidden meaning of their dreams.

PERFECT FOR GIFTING AND DISPLAY: With a contemporary look and luxe details, and affordably priced under $20, this deck makes the perfect gift alongside bedtime and wellness products, from crystals to essential oils. A petite package with eye-catching foil highlights, it's also a beautiful object to display on a bedside table with a candle, journal, or eye mask.

PERENNIAL TOPIC OF INTEREST: Anyone looking to improve their sleep and better understand the fascinating world of dreams will discover a fresh approach to dream interpretation that incorporates mind/body/spirit practices like using crystals, herbs, essential oils, and affirmations.

ON TREND: Brimming with rituals for introspection and well-being, this deck taps into the current interest in mind/body/spirit, mindfulness, and wellness, making it a wonderful companion for self-care enthusiasts, modern mystics, and the spiritually curious.

AUTHORITATIVE AUTHOR: Katie Huang is the founder of Love by Luna, a leading astrological lifestyle brand; co-owner of MoonBox, a subscription box service aligned with the lunar cycle; and the author of the Luminous Dreams book and Crystal Zodiac, a guide to using crystals in tandem with astrology. Katie's knowledge and background in mysticism and dreams ensure this deck is rich with thoughtful and thought-provoking content.

Perfect for:

- Mind/body/spirit enthusiasts

- Anyone interested in wellness and self-care

- Mindfulness practitioners

- Crystal enthusiasts

- Modern mystics

- Readers of daily horoscopes, Refinery29, or mindbodygreen

- People who bought Crystals: The Stone Deck, Moon Bath, or Mystic Mondays Tarot